Dear HDfury fanbase,

With the next beta revision of the scaler firmware for the 3Dfury/HDfury4 platform (initially announced: here)

We played a bit with porch settings and cropped the black bars around 1080p24 source material.
As a result, PJ that initially supported 1080p60 are now accepting 108072!
And the best PJ that initially supported 1080p72 are now accepting 1080p96! (frame quadrupling)

The good thing is that since 25% of the picture was black bars, you will now end up with a 25% boost in picture brightness.

Last but not least, the long awaited Custom Porch Settings software is now available as a beta (for seriously advanced users only).

All those goodies can be found from the updated open beta thread in our forums: here.

We will shortly update the website to reflect the new performance improvement.

Stay tuned, your devoted team keeps coding.. 😉