Dear HDfury fan base,

We hope you had a great Xmas and new year celebration.
Our team join together to wish you a wonderful new year 2K13.

Many things happened in the background lately around HDfury and other hardware.
DCP and their lawyers agency are finally going after some HDCP stripper in the US, see the Freedom USA, Antarespro, Avadirect vs DCP case: here.
Following their actions, our previous OEM partner, IC supplier and shipping center in Taiwan : ICboss Tech shown their willingness to stop any operations related to HDfury.
Therefor we have to move our operations in China and re-organize ourself a little bit, that’s why no shipping occured until recently.
It is with great regret that we have to split from our past successful cooperation with ICboss Tech. We wish them all the best.

Even if we updated our products line up after a first correspondence from DCP in 2010, it seems we have to throw more effort in our design in order to stay compliant under the restrictive HDCP agreement.
Our Hardware guys are working on that matter and we expect something in a month or two. Stay assured that any of our upcoming design will remain of the highest HDfury quality.

Many questions are still unanswered in this grey area, while we know the industry won’t held itself responsible for any derivated use of their products. They have the power to held us responsible of what you are doing with our devices.
While everyone knows that you can point a camera at a screen, there are other perspectives to consider:

– HDCP is cracked since more than 10 years, AACS is cracked since more than 5 years. Both represent broken DRM scheme.
– Most of the big companies that are HDCP/HDMI members(if not directly involved in the HanDiCaP consortium) are selling add-ons card for their preHDMI displays that will output analog component or RGB from a HDMI/HDCP encrypted incoming digital stream, some will even output unencrypted Digital Video (see the pioneer add-on card for PDP plasma series). Why and how could those devices be made and sold by multibillion public companies?
– As stated and proven previously, same big companies are also including escape trick on HDMI/HDCP source device, so their Blu-Ray player or STB or any other source device can output 1080p full HD HDCP free from either their Digital or Analog output. Once again, how does this fit within the HDCP agreement?
– There is numerous software on the internet that will remove HDCP check on display, player, disc and also allow digital 1:1 copies to be done at the press of a button. Aren’t those the real problem when it comes to content protection and piracy?
– Given the fact that HDCP is always ON, how could someone legally access work/content that belong to him or work/content that belong to public domain or work/content for which an authorization was granted by the copyright holder?

This beeing said, we also want to bring your attention on various HDfury cloned that surfaced a couple of years ago.
We are getting numerous emails and a wide majority of them are complains about some devices called either HDfury Pro, HDfury mini, HDfury2 mini, etc..

None of those are made by us, they are cheap rebadged converters that surfaced from various HDfury resellers and distributors after they had to remove legit HDfury devices from their shelves due to threat received by the industry lawyers.
Clearly they (the lawyers) opened the path for an enormous number of cloned HDfury devices. WARNING: Beware of the clones. You will find below a list of cloned HDfury device, avoid them at all cost !

HDfury Pro (poor implementation and buggy as hell !): available from that store.
HDfury Mini (reported as bad as the “Pro” one) is available from many China traders here
HDfirefury (worst one) is available from here.

Avoid the counterfeit’s deception, stay away from clones !