To all furious HT addicts,

In our last news update (here), we mentionned that our 3Dfury/HDfury4 Glasses & Emitter development was complete.
While it’s true that the development regarding the 3Dfury/HDfury4 features and compatibility is completed since a while now, our guys still had some neat stuff to put on the table (as usual from our always innovating team).

It is with a great pleasure that we can today announce you the following major improvements for our 3Dfury Glasses & Emitter:

– Our 3D glasses are now both IR and RF compatible. (World First RF/IR [2in1] 3D Glasses operating from 48Hz all the way up to 144Hz)
– Since IR mode is added, our 3D glasses are now capable of working standalone for any last generation 3DTV from Sony.
– Add and work in 3D or SimulView mode for any non-3D HDTV or any last generation 3DTV from Sony.
– 3Dfury/HDfury4 Emitter now support UNLIMITED number of glasses.
– LCD shutter speed improved
– Over 500+ preloaded settings

Others smaller improvements was made and the specifications list has been updated, you can check it here.
In all cases and despite the number of modes, settings and options available, our 3D glasses remain super easy and very intuitive to use through LED signal and only 2 buttons to operate !

The User Manual to operate and active this or that particular mode is online.
All trackings number for preordered items will be available by the end of the next week.

We thank you for your patience and help during those months of work and dev,
It was not trivial but we finally did it, and did it quiet well 😉

Last but not least, you can enjoy new views: here.
We are looking forward for your feedback and comments once received and tested.