Silabs Driver 4.0.0 for XP/WIN7/8/10

Due to recent issue with previous Silabs Driver and Win10, we have updated all download packages for all the HDfury products.

Using the new Download package for your HDfury device and the latest Silabs Driver v4.0.0, you will be able to get HDfury software, GUI and updaters working for PC under Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10.

Silabs Driver 4.0.0 – ZIP – 8.75 Mo

Please update your Silabs Driver to the above v4.0.0 and re-download your software, GUI or updater.
Please check the download tab on your product specific page.

All downloads has been updated and reloaded for the new Silabs Driver 4.0.0 including: Integral, HDfury4S, 3Dfury, PCI-MX, Splitter 4K, Splitter 4K Pro, Dr.HDMI