Fix all HDCP 2.2 and 4K60 issues

03 Aug

If you think HDCP error was a painful handicap in mostly all setup, let’s talk about HDCP 2.2 arising and upcoming issues. First, its HDCP 2.2 and not HDCP 2.0 because both HDCP2.0 and HDCP2.1 was cracked right after publication. Pathetic or funny fact? You decide! “HDCP error. Have there ever been four letters that […]

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Splitter 4K UHD/PRO now shipping!

29 Jun

Our first 4K30 Digital Splitter gets a neat upgrade! Both versions are still available from our catalog, this brand new one with individual scaling per channel cost $129 (but if you are registered in our mailing list, you prolly have a discount code in hands to get a better deal!) Our original 4K30 UHD splitter […]

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HDFury3 and PS4 FW2.50 and above

24 Apr

Dear HDfury fanbase, Until now HDfury3 was the sole device that didn’t need any firmware upgrade. However, as reported recently by some HDfury users, the latest PS4 FW 2.50 and above (2.51 is already out and also affected) will not handshake with the HDfury3 USB “black” edition. The early white version of HDfury3 still work […]

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HDfury4S FW1.6 Final and User Manual

16 Mar

Please find below a link to the very latest and stable Scaler Firmware for your HDfury4S or 3Dfury device. We recommend anyone to upgrade as it includes major performance improvement. Feel free to request more features and report on any issue you might have. Please note that you must be registered/logged in our forums in […]

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The World’s 1st PCI HDMI Matrix is now shipping!

09 Mar

The HDfury PCI-MX 44UHD is the world first HDMI Matrix Switch for HTPC and streaming computer, it allows you to route 4 HD sources to any 4 HD displays. The 4×4 HDMI matrix allows 256 viewing combination of 4 HD sources on 4 HDTVs. The 4×4 HDMI Matrix switch utilizes the latest switching technology to […]

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