Dear HDfury fanbase,

Until now HDfury3 was the sole device that didn’t need any firmware upgrade. However, as reported recently by some HDfury users, the latest PS4 FW 2.50 and above (2.51 is already out and also affected) will not handshake with the HDfury3 USB “black” edition.
The early white version of HDfury3 still work nice with any sources. So here comes the first HDfury3 “black” USB edition upgrade.

We invite every owners of HDfury3 “black” USB edition to update their units as this update will also speed up the overall operation (switching time mainly) and include performance upgrade.
The update file is a standalone .EXE that do not need any drivers installed prior to execution.
You will need to enther the bootloader mode on HDfury3 as explained below.

To enther the bootloader mode in HDfury3:
Press down the RGB L/R shift button and insert the USB cable to enter the bootloader mode. (USB cable connected to computer)

Double click on the Neo Jailbreak executable to launch it, once done:
1. Click Connect
2. Select Firmware file (.HEX from the zip package)
3. Click Download
4. Disconnect and try your freshly updated HDfury3

FYI, the issue with the PS4 FW2.50 and above had to do with audio infoframes, similarly with video infoframes, the system must respond to the audio infoframe interrupts. The way HDF3 was responding to them before the upgrade created a “loop”. So for example upon connecting the cable, HDF3 starts the cycle to setup the video and audio, but then a bit later another audio infoframe interrupt occurs again canceling the previous setup and starting a new one. This in turn informed the PS4 to start a new connection and on and on it goes… So really the bottleneck was the timing just happened to be in the middle of HDF3 reconfig cycle. All this is done differently in HDF4 and others, so they are not prone to this issue at all.

Get the Neo Jailbreak update file for HDF3.
We recommend any users of HDfury3 to update their units, the Neo Jailbreak is available here.
You need to be a registered users of our forums to see the download link (the security check answer during registration process is simply: hdfury)