Whenever you place an order with us, remember that we don’t email receipt or confirmation.
Paypal will automatically send you a notification once the payment is done.
This receipt from Paypal is your proof that you placed an order with us.

Right after you placed your order, you can immediately track your order and shipping status by browsing back to the order page.
You can click the 24/7 TRACKING link on the order page, your email adress used for the purchase (or your paypal account email adress) need to be entered.
Once done you will be able to check your order status and tracking number, tracking link and all needed informations.

As a schedule on pre-order shipping, please refer to the date below:

Dr HDMI will start shipping the 5 FEB 2012 on a first come first served basis. (older pre-order get shipped first)
We expect all pre orders to be shipped by the 10 FEB 2012.

HDfury4 (aka 3Dfury) will start shipping the 12 FEB 2012 on a first come first served basis (older pre-order get shipped first)
We expect all pre orders to be shipped by the 20 FEB 2012.

– Emitter and Glasses for HDfury4 will start shipping end of FEB.
More details will be published online.

Trade-in program are available for those who want to get a credit on their previous HDfury device for any purchase of any brand new HDfury device.
Use the contact form for more details on how to trade-in your HDfury device.

We thank you all for your patience.
Please keep in mind that what we are about to ship worldwide is an amazing and incredible hardware that can go FAR beyond HDMI specs!
There is simply no competition or equivalence on the market today and we believe there won’t be any in the future neither.
HDfury4 is now also capable of creating dynamically its own EDID based on Sink EDID parameters, of course you can still force a fix EDID to be used if needed.
As a glimpse of what is waiting you, during the chinese new year, we added a 720p240 mode for Dual Projector Setup!
How sweet is that? 😉

… And we haven’t yet disclosed everything regarding HDfury4!