The almighty HDfury4 is now shipping!

We are currently shipping pre-orders placed in 2011, here is the preorder shipping schedule (it can differ by a day or two)

From 28 Feb to the 3rd March 2012 : All preorders placed in 2011 will be shipped.
From the 5th March to the 9th March 2012: All preorders placed in 2012 (after the new year) will be shipped.

It means that by the 10th March, All preorders will be fullfilled and on the way to your doors !
Any new orders placed from today till the 9th March, will ship on the 12 March 2012.
After the 12 March 2012, any new order will ship the same day as usual !

Please follow the below instructions to retrieve your tracking number :

– Browse back to the order page (or simply click the Blue BUY NOW button above), then click on the 24-7 tracking link.
– You will then be prompted to enter the email adress used for the purchase (or paypal account email adress)
– Once done, you will be able to check your order history, tracking link and tracking number.

Please allow a couple of days for tracking informations to show up as the date could differ by a day or two.