Since we just reached completion on preorder shipping, some users might need to check the HDfury4 usermanual in order to set the device for their setup.
You can now download the usermanual directly from the HDfury4 download page: here

First units already reached some users and we are extremelly proud of the first feedback and reviews provided, here is a short excerpt from a few of them:

“Ok Guys, i have probably watched a good 6 hours of HD Channels, this 3Dfury product is FANTASTIC !! It will make me stupidly smile for a week and likely beyond, the picture quality is absolutely perfect! – CLaudio

“Actually i was “shocked” when the picture was first displayed with a substantial increase in image quality compared to my HDFury3, i didn’t really expect to see a difference in the picture quality, i was wrong, i cannot believe that old sets like mine are still getting better over the years through the new fury coming out, it have superb color and more likely the sharpest image i ever saw, simply out-standing.– Komeus T.

Your HDfury4 device is a godsend! I first though i would have to do many operations in order to get it working for my setup, but this thing just blown my eyes within a minute, mouth open and WOW ! the picture quality is insane !!– Max D.

We are also getting emails about some possible firmware restrictions taking place, just to clear any doubt as we stated earlier, all HDfury devices are powerful and capable of everything you ever dreamed about. If any problem, feel free to retrieve custom firmware or third party firmware to unlock this or that particular feature. However, make sure to act accordingly to your state’s law as we cannot be held responsible for any wrong or bad use of any 3rd party or custom firmware.