Dear HDfury fan base,

The very latest stable Firmware for our flagship device, namely 3Dfury/HDfury4 is now available in Final state, We recommend anyone to upgrade as it includes major performance improvements.
Please download the FW 1.21 Final upgrade files from: here. Please note that you must be registered/logged in our forum in order to access any attachment posted.

Read below for a full list of added features compared to current firmware shipped:

1. 720p50Hz 3d framepack support added.

2. 720p50/60(2D) –> 720p100/120(2D) when DIP7 is ON

3. 720p50 and 720p60 3d framepack semipassthrough added for simulview support on 3D displays.
This mode is activated automatically when DIP7 and DIP8 are ON.
In this mode Video is passed through to the output but 3d emitter signal is processed so Fury glasses will work in simulview mode with any 3d display.

4. 720p120 input converted to 720p60 3D Framepack mode. This mode activates if DIP7 is ON and the input is 720p120.

5. 720p100 input converted to 720p50 3D Framepack mode. This mode activates if DIP7 is ON and the input is 720p100.

6. Added DVI side-by-side and top-bottom forcing capability. Pressing the mode button works similarly as with HDMI input.

7. Added IR functionality. Excel spreadsheet included to show the Pronto codes. Right now, 3 commands are implemented. More can be added.

8. Fix noise/streaks on some affected devices.

9. Performance update: Faster and smoother operations

10. Improved Audio powerup

11. Improved DVI input mode

12. DVI 1080p framepack 3D conversion to HDMI 1080p framepack 3D is supported as well, The feature is automatically supported if the mode is input.

13. 187Mhz superspeed mode removed (Stay on 1.20 BETA version for superspeed mode)

We hope you will enjoy your X’mas leisure time 😉

Thank you for your support!