HDfury4 has been rewarded with a lot of positives feedback from CRT, DLP, Plasma and various others display techs owners.
You can find an excerpt of feedback: here.

Even at 60Hz, the 3D effect is reported as “phenomenal“, “brillant“, “amazing“, “fantastic“, “superb“, “perfect” and so on…
Results on 60hz frame rate are especially good on Plasma, CRT and DLP technology.

However, the inherent slow responsiveness of LCD and their frame dropping issues are still making it difficult (for LCD displays owners) to get a decent enough 3D effect out of their LCD displays at 60Hz. We are working on this since a while and our team already tried various approaches such as Light sensor going straight from a revised version of our emitter to an overlayed yellow-color square bottom left of the screen or boosting the 3D glasses shutter speed or running them at 120Hz even if the display refresh rate is still 60Hz. We also tried to REPLACE some black frame, we are yet considering a mix of those various options to offer a more suitable solution for LCD displays owners.

The road to 3D helped the end user to understand why LCD has been the cheapest display tech so far, now you know why ! (slow refresh time and frame dropping issue).
This being said, we are still working on it to improve the LCD owner’s 3D experience. A special 60hz 3D LCD kit might appear soon.

Since LCD is the cheapest and most popular tech out there, please make sure the display tech is always been reported when reading a test or a review of our products. In most of the cases, the results will be brillant if the testing occured on a CRT, DLP or Plasma displays, results will be mixed or disappointing on LCD displays.
We have seen recent review without any mention of the display’s tech in use. Since HDfury is the one product in the middle of thousands sources and display using various resolution, refresh rate and display techs, it’s very important for an expensive display owner to make sure that what he is reading could be similar to what he would actually get by using the device on his display.

Beware of any test or review that do not mention the display tech in use (either positive of negative review)

HDfury4 is made for Dual Projector 720p288 and/or 1080p144 3D effect !
HDfury4 is highly recommended for CRT/DLP/PLASMA/LED/.. @ 50/60 or 100/120Hz and above
HDfury4 is not yet recommended for LCD 50/60hz
(work underway)

Here is a glimpse of what’s coming next for any 3Dfury/HDfury4 owners:

– Porch settings editor software and custom firmware creator software should be released soon (at least for 1080p72, more output mode support will come later)
– Passthrough firmware dedicated to PVR is also underway.
– Doubling and Tripling frame for 50hz material will appear in firmware update. (ex: 720p50 will become 720p100, just like 720p60 can be turned into 720p120 today)
– 3D interleaved mode is coming through a new device to be released soon (see later news for more details, basically a 2D > 3D converter)
– Add infoframes when missing for the 3D frame packed output is planned through firmware upgrade too.
– Active IR through firmware to get full control through universal IR remote controller (release in pronto file more likely)

Anyone can vote and request a feature to be added from our forum: here.