USB GUI for Windows PC now available with exclusive HDR and InfoFrame Live Injector!

Integral USB GUI Windows Software with HDR and Infoframe live injector

The brand new USB GUI for Windows PC allows you the following control:

– Display Firmware revision
– Display Active input and output link information (such as resolution, bandwidth, etc..)
– Allow to switch active input
– Turn on/off autoswitch feature.
– Select Audio source.
– Select HDCP rules
– Enable/Disable 4:4:4 > 4:2:0 conversion
– Select EDID table, Read, Write, Load, Save, Checksum.
– Send Live HDMI CEC command.
– Save CEC1 SP/ CEC2 LP commands.
– Send Live HDR and InfoFrame Metadata.

Grab it from the Download Tab on the Integral product page: here.

Total Control APP for Android now available! Main view below:

Total Control APP for Android

Total Control APP Info Page

Total Control APP for Android Info Page

Main Features of the Android Total Control APP for Integral

This APP request Bluetooth authorization and SD card/file writing permission.
It will allow you to control and operate your HDfury Integral and your Home Theater setup.
It can perform the following:
– Reset/HPD.
– Read/Modify and Upload Configuration.
– Switch Input channel.
– Set Auto switching mode.
– Enter/Exit Matrix mode.
– Define HDCP rules and fix HDCP error.
– Sound input/output selection.
– Mute/Unmute all sound output from Integral
– EDID table selection.
– Convert 4K60 4:4:4 > 4K60 4:2:0
– Send live CEC command to the HDMI/CEC network.
– Setup CEC rules and access CEC customs commands.
– Define CEC press button (Short and Long press)
– Display current link speed and infoframe information.
– Display active link(s).

You can create your own menu and add custom commands at any time through an editable XML menu file.
You can pair, connect and use the Bluetooth APP even when no signals is going through the Integral, in such conditions, the Bluetooth range is over >20m. However, the Bluetooth range will be highly affected by the resolution in use because of EMI, below you can find the average working distance for Bluetooth based on the processed signal resolution and refresh rate.
1080p60 and below: Bluetooth working range is about 10 meters.
4K60 4:2:0 and below: Bluetooth working range is about 5 meters.
4K60 4:4:4: Bluetooth working range is about 2 meters. (We recommend using IR for wireless control in 600MHz)

Grab it from Google Play Market: here.

What’s next now ?

User manual for Integral should be live in a couple of days. In the meantime, please feel free to use our forum if you have any questions. iOS version for the Total Control APP will arrive later once we have enough feedback on the Android already available version.

Integral users looking for 600MHz link in their setup should make sure they are using some high quality, highly certified HDMI cable or better, some optical fiber HDMI cables.