Many of you are probably aware that HDfury has been removed from distributors and resellers shelves by international lawyers agency acting for the HDCP consortium.

As a results of removing the only one legit add-on card converter for preHDMI display and actually the only one that do come with dedicated features and options to ensure compatibility with various projectors, retro projector, monitor, HDTV either CRT, LCD or any others. We have seen numerous converter and stripper which will remove HDCP from any HDMI signal and output the deciphered signal digitally without any trace of HDCP anymore. They do not come with any features to ensure any compatibility with any display, and guess what!? the industry is not doing anything about them, worst than that, they let them proliferate freely.

So while they focus on chasing the only legit add-on converter for preHDMI display out there, which is a proven high quality and dedicated add-on design for big 3tubes projectors owners, they pay no attention to digital HDCP stripper available everywhere for less than 50$.

We will publish more on the legal aspect shortly, because their efforts against HDfury really worth our point of view on the subject. For the moment, please check the facts below:

We invite you to watch the following video posted on youtube.

Some Links: selling dedicated digital HDCP stripper for 70usd: selling another digital HDCP stripper:

Another Digital HDCP stripper, selling as a DVI to HDMI converter for 40usd: selling the ViewHD *cheap in all way* device (horrible picture quality as reported recently by AVSforum reviewer vs HDfury1, so you can imagine how bad it would perform compared to HDfury2, HDfury3 or HDfury4, see below):

HDfury1 vs ViewHD (click each image for a full size comparaison)


ViewHD (here you can clearly see how washed out it looks like compared to HDF1, you are also missing a lot of details, greyscale seems extremely corrupted):

Who wants more?

Now if that is not enough to convince you, let us tell you that ALL manufacturers, the very same that are also part of the HDCP consortium, included escape trick in their sources devices. Some would need firmware upgrade, some would need special service disk, some would just need remote control sequence.

As an example for a Samsung HD850, the HDCP free mode can be reached as follow:
1. Power “ON” – “no disk” showing on display
2. Press “Angle” on the Samsung remote
3. Press “4 3 2 7”
4. Press “Angle” again – OSD will show “HDCP Free” confirming the changes.

Now, you can all make your own conclusion about what could be the “legal” problem with HDfury once you know the facts.