We hope you had a great new year celebration. Here is a quick update since there was lot of activities around HDfury lately.

  • HDfury is now an official HDMI.org member. (see here: http://www.hdmi.org/learningcenter/adopters_founders.aspx#I)
  • HDfury is now an official HDCP member (see here: http://www.digital-cp.com/about_dcp/List)
  • New design of HDfury is currently underway, this design is 100% compliant to HDCP request since it won’t allow analog output if HDCP is activated. That new design will also feature an USB updatable firmware and an open-source code available.
  • Upscaler design is currently implemented within HDfury4 design and we hope that it will be available during 2K11.
  • Support forum moved back from Curtpalme.com to HDfury.com.

Finally, we wish a great HD experience in year 2K11 to our fan base. Team HDfury will be there up and running the HD show continuously in 2K11.