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Universal PSU Doctor


This Kit includes:

  • Universal PSU Doctor
  • UK/EURO/US plugs
  • USB cable for iOS/Android APP monitoring


  • Fully supports Smart phones and Tablets (IOS and Android OS) for any brand models and ps3/ps4/xbox360 joypad.
  • Autodetect the operating system IOS or Android charging mode and/or Joypad mode.
  • Lightweight and easily portable to wherever you are at home, office, traveling or in the car.
  • Dimension: 8.9 (L) * 5.3 (W) * 4.2 (H) cm.
  • Weight: 142g
  • Rohs Compliant
  • CE and FCC Compliant
  • Ultra-Low Power Technology
  • Output: 5V2.14A, 9V1.6A or 12V1.2A
  • Stop (RAM retained): 0.23 μA, (LVD enabled): 0.31 μA
  • Snooze: 0.7 mA (UART), 1.20 mA (ADC)
  • Operating: 63 μA /MHz
  • 16-bit RL78 CPU Core
  • ADC: Up to 11 channels, 10-bit resolution
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • Ripple and Noise: 80mV
  • Efficiency: 80%


Plug Dr.PSU to any UK/EUR/US AC100-240v wall plug.
A total of 5v 4.2A max output becomes available.

Port1: 5v output and support Android/iOS APP for monitoring by attaching the supplied USB to earphone connector cable. (
Port2: 5v output for iOS/Android phones and tablets as well as PS3/PS4/Xbox Joypad devices.
Port3: 5v/9v/12v QC2.0 output for Android Quick Charge and 5v output for iOS/Android phones and tablets as well as PS3/PS4/Xbox Joypad devices.

Led Status Description
1. Led Flashing quickly and shortly: Over current mode, the last plugged device will get remaining current available.
2. Led Flash 1 times means over 0.8A current consumption, 2 times means over 1.6A current consumption.
3. Port 3 Led flash from Bright to Dark means QC2.0 is active, flash from Dark to Bright means normal output mode.

You can use the supplied macro USB to earphone connector cable for Android/iOS APP monitoring.

Q:Which port allow Android or iOS APP to control charging time and power consumption?
A: You can charge your device on any ports, however, your Android or iOS devices must be connected with the supplied USB to earphone jack cable from Port 1. Only Port 1 allows monitoring from iOS or Android devices.

Q:How I can change the predefined mode?
A: Only port3 offers Quick Charge technology for compatible devices (See here for the full list of QC compatible devices), if you connect an iOS device, the PSU will automatically switch to iOS charging to internal memory.

Q:Is the APP compatible with all smartphones?
A: No, only devices from Apple (such as Iphone), LG, Sony, Samsung, MI, ... Please note that an earphone jack input connector is required for the APP to retrieve charging and power consumption data from the Universal PSU Doctor.

Universal PSU Doctor CE Certification 
Universal PSU Doctor RoHS Certification
Universal PSU Doctor FCC Certification
PSU and USB Doctor APP for iOS
PSU and USB Doctor APP for Android