Dear HDfury fanbase,

We just released a neat update for the Splitter 4K UHD.
Our latest device is now offering two distinct modes where the unit’s behavior will match casual and expert needs.

EZ mode (default mode for casual users)

In this mode, the 4K UHD splitter will take advantage of the EDID Automix mode. Any connect/disconnect of HDMI sink devices will generate hot plug events and the device will present an updated EDID to the sink device. It is an ideal mode for casual users as everything is automatic.

Expert mode (EDID force mode)

Using our EDID utility software for the splitter 4K UHD, our users are able to force the device to present an EDID of their choice.
Yet, the latest firmware will also prevent the device to perform hotplug events in this mode. Which means that you can connect/disconnect HDMI sinks devices without having any flash on the screen anymore. This mode is reserved to power users and integrators.

If you are in search of the incredible or if you are looking for others furious features, join our forum, power users are posting link to even more powerful firmware version.

Firmware v1.13 for 4K UHD Splitter direct link: 4K UHD Splitter FW1.13 – ZIP – 132 Ko (latest)

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