Dear HDfury fanbase,

We have worked hard on the HDfury4/3Dfury-platform recently to offer all the features and controls you need to solve the seemingly simple matter of getting your digital AV source to display correctly, easily and affordably on either an Analog or Digital display.
Your devoted Team is proud to announce that the HDfury4/3Dfury-platform is now a high performance all-in-one 3D converter[you knew that already], video scaler[that’s new], scan converter[that’s improved], advanced splitter[you knew that already] and transcoder[that’s new] converting any Digital input signal format to any Analog and Digital output format simultaneously.

We invite everyone to the Open Beta release of 3Dfury/HDfury4 Scaler Firmware!
It is essentially a brand new product using the current 3Dfury platform.
Fresh new FPGA and MCU code are now delivering outstanding and exciting new features, thanx to our flagship device’s versatility.

Any input can be up-scaled to a specified resolution up to 1080p75
Whatever the source, HDfury4 is now capable of scaling it up or down, deinterlacing it, and adjusting its aspect ratio to match the native resolution of your video display or computer monitor. Any display resolution up to 1920×1200 can be supported (or 1080p75).
If the input is 50Hz or 60Hz, you would be able to manually select either one on the output, perfect for customers who have USA TV’s in Europe or other way around(PAL/NTSC).

Current(BETA) output modes include:
1024×768, 1360×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200,1920×1200
More output modes will be added prior to release (If you need any, just join our forum!)

The HDfury4 Scaler is ideal for adding digital connectivity and scaling to existing Analog or Digital AV systems. Through a single VGA/RGBHV/Component or HDMI/DVI-D cable, its Digital or Analog simultaneous outputs can be connected directly to the input of an analog or digital display (or both at the same time), converting every HDMI/DVi-D video signal to analog RGBHV/VGA/component or digital HDMI/DVI-D video signal and scaling the output to feed either a HD digital/analog display or projector or a no-HD digital/analog display or projector.

HDfury4 is the most versatile signal processor in the industry.
Imagine running two units with the two differents firmwares in the same video chain (the 3Dfury firmware and the Scaler firmware). Enjoy ! OPEN BETA is available here.

The Pro AV market is fully loaded with video scalers and processors of all kinds and price ranges. Back in 2007 our early HDfury1 supporters asked for a solution to connect their componentHD-only analog display to today HDMI sources, we came out with HDfury2. There was then some chap having issue with porch settings, left/right shift in RGB, sync, we came out with HDfury3. Still some needed more, they wanted the 3D HDMI 1.4 features, double and triple frame rate, crystal clear digital output and above, we delivered 3Dfury. But there was still some forgotten one, we have been asked solution to connect HDMI source to Analog or Digital (DVi-D) display of different ratio such as 1920×1200, 1600×1200, 1360×768, 1280×768, … Since we did not have a solution until now we always recommended to use a third party scaler, a kind of compromise between acceptable video quality and reasonable cost (around 300usd). However, only +1000usd scaler could produce a non compromised picture quality until now. It’s a scary investment to fully enjoy today sources at their real potential on your existing Analog or Digital display. Same apply for owner of US(60Hz model) HDTV model in Europe (50Hz material) or vice versa. Today we are freeing you from compromise!

We deliberately not mentioned all others solved requests and issues through HDfury history (Dr HDMI is doing very well!). The point is that we somewhat hit a plateau here… There is nothing left in the whole video chain that could eventually stop you to connect HDMI sources to ANY Analog or Digital display! Yes, HDfury finally completed the big picture. We are very proud to state that we are capable of connecting any HDMI sources to any Analog or Digital display. GUARANTEED! HDfury reached the “holy grail” of conversion and HDMI Rx mastering after leading the scene for 7 years. Many thanks for your support over the years, we also have to be extremely thankful to some well know quality brands in the industry that trusted us by forwarding their customers with connecting issues to us, they somewhat kept us alive and saved us during the hard days of lawyer’s persecution.

More news will pop up soon, stay tuned.