Dear HDfury Fanbase,

We completed the testing of all HDfury devices on both Next Gen gaming system: PS4 and Xbox One.
We hereby confirm that all our HDfury devices do work extremely well on the Xbox One.

Please note that while Xbox One outputs enough current through its HDMI output to operate HDF1, HDF2, Gamer1 and Gamer2 without the need of optional power supply, it suffers from the lack of 1080i output support. This can be problematic for the earlier HDMI TV adopters (many TV sets was 1080i max at that time) as well as for the owners of RPTV and/or analog display that only support 1080i as HD resolution.

Xbox One have no 1080i output but that’s not a problem for HDfury4 with the scaler firmware.
Our HDfury4 device flashed with the scaler firmware from here will allow you to set your Xbox One to 1080p output and get a perfectly clear and detailed 1080i output. Actually the end user results are even better through HDfury4 than it would be from a native 1080i output from the Xbox One, since scaling down from 1080p to 1080i results in a great picture quality.

We are pleased to provide our customers with the current test results:

The HDfury1 and Gamer1 works perfectly on Xbox One (that’s not the case on the PS4).

The Gamer2 (YUV or VGA) works without the need of power supply to function with the Xbox One (PSU required for PS4).

The HDfury2, 3 and 4 all work perfectly with the Xbox One at all resolutions the HDfury outputs (480p,720p,1080i*,1080p) with vga as well as component video
* 1080i output from Xbox One is only possible with HDfury4 by scaling 1080p to 1080i

The HDfury 4 with scaler firmware works correctly scaling all formats and the HDfury 4 also works perfect providing a HDMI out or DVI-D output.
This setup is recommended to get rid of the missing 1080i output from the Xbox One.

Conclusion: The brand new Xbox One works like a charm with any HDfury devices.