We are back with another disruptive device that will bring raw power in the palm of your hands, not only a perfect companion for HDfury Integral, It is capable of linking any HDMI/HDCP revision sources to any HDMI/HDCP revision sinks at their best capabilities on its own! Always and Guaranteed!

Pre-Order the HDfury 4K Linker

If you ever saw the following statement: “this TV does not support HDCP 2.2. Make sure you have HDCP 2.2 capable TV” or a similar HDCP error message, and even if you fixed such issue with Integral or others but run into limitations like signal unsupported, blackscreen, not getting the best signal to your display from all your sources or no AVR audio available when 4K signal is running or any others, make sure you never see any of them again with the HDfury Linker! Featuring 2 inputs and 1 output, HDfury Linker can act as Scaler, Switcher, Infoframe and HDR metadata Injector and Extractor with Sound, HDCP Doctor, HDMI Doctor, EDID management and more… Discover the tomorrow’s hardware today!

HDR & Ultra Scaling

HDfury Linker offers impressive scaling modes to ensure that any HDMI/HDCP revision sink device get fed at its max capabilities ALWAYS and GUARANTEED.
Featuring Upscale, Downscale, Passthru and Bypass mode as well as Chroma Conversion and Color Depth modification on the fly at 8, 10 ,12 and 16bit for FHD, UHD and DCI 4096x2160p.

Here is among plenty others, some of the available scaling modes…

  • HDCP/HDMI2.x HDR/BT2020 sources to High-End HDCP/HDMI 1.x Display
    4K24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 12b 450MHz > 1080p24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 12b 111MHz
    4K50/60 YCC 4:2:0 10b 371MHz > 1080p50/60 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 10b 185MHz
    4K24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 12b 450MHz > 4K24/25/30 YCC 4:2:0 12b 222MHz
    Check for more here.
  • HDCP/HDMI2.x HDR sources to basic HDCP/HDMI 1.x gear like AV receiver
    4K50/60 YCC 4:2:0 10b 371MHz > 1080p50/60 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 8b 148MHz
    4K24/25/30 YCC RGB/YCC 4:4:4 12b 450MHz > 1080p24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 8b 74.25MHz
    4K50/60 RGB/YCC 4:4:4/4:2:2 8b 600MHz > 1080p50/60 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 8b 148MHz
    Check for more here.
  • HDCP/HDM1.x Capable Sources input to Advanced HDCP/HDMI 2.x Capable Sink
    4K24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 8b 300MHz > 4K24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 16b 600MHz*
    1080p24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 16b 148MHz > 4K24/25/30 RGB/YCC 4:4:4 16b 600MHz*
    Check for more here.
    * Tested ok on LG OLED 2016

This is only a small excerpt, endless scaling possibilities are available, the Ultra Scaling modes list is now so big that we had to publish separately: here

The HDfury Linker is also capable of injecting and extracting live Infoframe and HDR metadata at any resolution and in real time while keeping HDMI sound.

And as always, our Dev Team might surprise you with more features via updates…

To see how Linker compare with Integral, kindly visit this page.
In reality they are complementary 😉

Overview of PC Windows Utility for Linker GUI 0.7