We hope you all had a good start into the new year and we wish you integral happiness for 2K16,
As you might be aware now, the industry’s lawyers celebrated the new year by filling a lawsuit against HDfury on the 31 December 2015.

On the same night, our team was finalizing the recent Integral FW051027 and GUI 1.8 (available from the Download section: here) that bring the following improvements for users who are experimenting in HDR:

– AVI persistence feature added. (MadVR Fullscreen / Force TV in BT2020)

– The button FORCE HDR ALWAYS ACTIVE is similar to the old “ifx demo mode”. However, upon clicking it the “custom hdr infoframe” that is defined in the text box gets sent and not just a “default” infoframe. This way customer can define what the infoframe actually is.
This is stored also in Integral and is persistent over hotplugs and power cycles.

– “REPLACE AVI” replaces the current incoming AVI with the custom defined one in the text box. This way customer can for example activate BT2020 mode in the TV even though content doesn’t sent the correct infoframe. This string is also saved in Integral and is persistent over hotplugs and power cycles.
The AVI mod is really meant for advanced users only because incorrect values can blank the screen and since the settings are saved even power up won’t help until reset.

Note: There are two ways to reset the strings. Either hold the reset button 10 seconds on Integral or go to the GUI “config” page and apply reset. After GUI reset close and reopen GUI. Then the fields are populated with reset values.

This last build and the previous one released on 30-DEC-2015 on our support forum were done based on industry’s contractors feedback and requests as you can follow it from the Infoframe Injection thread: here.
From their own words: “been working on CES demonstrations, and have ended up recommending the Integral to many of the technology companies doing demos there; I fully expect that many of the HDR demos at the show will have an Integral in-line…”

We are proud that Integral will be behind most of the HDR presentations in the Vegas CES show this year and we enjoyed improving the Integral firmware for it even during that new year night.
Yes, most of the industry giants that will present their “HDR demos” at the 2016 CES show in Vegas will have an integral in line and yet at the same time, their clueless lawyers are suing us for something our product does not even do.

Is our product primarily designed for exposing the industry lawyers lack of knowledge and the lack of professionalism in today’s e-journalism or primarily designed for …. everything else !?

Watch the video and make your own opinion!