Team HDfury is proud to announce the availability of the brand new 2017 Integral Ultra Fast Edition.

Not only our Xmas gift or new year celebration present for you, the brand new Integral Ultra Fast Edition is celebrating the HDfury 10th year anniversary (2007 – 2017).
It is our commitment to keep improving our hardware till they reach the unreachable state of perfection, that’s why more than a year after the initial release, we are still bringing new features to Integral‘s owners.
Tested, approved and improved based on all current UHD/HDCP2.2 sources out there as well as previous HDMI/HDCP revision, the Integral is back better, stronger but especially FASTER !

Silently, our Dev team have cooked a new edition that now perform 10x faster than the original popular one. Below you can compare the BT speed on both versions. Happy X’mas Folks! we hope that those who pre-ordered recently enjoy the gift 😉
The shipping for this new edition already started and will be completed around 18th December.

Here is what is mandatory to get you performing at full speed with newer 2017 Ultra Fast Integral Edition:

– A brand new 2017 Integral Edition running at least FW (it comes preflashed as default)
– The updated 4K Integral Total Control APP for Android (v2.0.0) or the iOS update (upcoming in the next days)

Don’t get sad if you are the proud owner of an older revision, our team have special add-on accessory in the making to offer you similar speed !

While this brand new edition comes with FW, this new firmware release also bring new features to previous Integral.
The automix routine is now checking for active display (and not simply connected display) in order to remix EDID dynamically with higher efficiency.
Timing report and others data between travelling between Integral unit and Phone or Tablet running the 4K Integral Total Control APP have also been verified and completed.

Some note regarding PS4PRO:
PS4PRO is outputting HDR at 4K60 4:2:2 12b and have been fully tested and confirmed working with Integral. (On a side note: Linker FW0.15 was released to support 4:2:2 deepcolor at either 4K30 or 4K60 especially for the PS4PRO)

Integral usermanual have also been updated, get it from the Integral product page.