We met the schedule and just finished to ship all preorders devices for Dr.HDMI!
The Doctor will be knocking at your doors shortly for its first consultation!
Dr.HDMI will now ship everyday! A new forum space will be created to answer your first reports, questions and comments.
Feel free to join us in our quest for resolving HDMI issues and ensure perfect compatibility between HDMI equipment regardless of their specs and their HDMI revisions.

To answer many similar questions that we are getting :
No, Dr.HDMI won’t remove, deal, modify or do anything about HDCP.
It’s a fully HDCP compliant device HDMI in / HDMI out with HDCP always active.

Since the end of 2010 and since we are HDMI and HDCP official adopters, all our products won’t output in Analog if HDCP is active on the incoming digital stream. Despite this fact, HDfury is still removed from online listing, website, ebay and amazon. Some listings are deleted the very same

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day that they are created. Call it ignorance from the big agencies, at the same time dozen thousands of cheap and copy oriented Digital HDCP stripper are freely available everywhere including in the USA and CA countries as outlined previously (here) and for them, no one is doing anything, no international lawyers chasing them, no threats, nothing. Go figure!

Like a chap once said:
“If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.” – George Saville