The entire HDfury team joins together to wish a healthy new year and many blessings for our fanbase in 2K12.
As many of you are after HDfury4 (aka 3Dfury) informations, we wanted to let you know that we upgraded our FGPA to an even faster speed in order to resolve more advanced modes and timings. We are still on track for shipping in the very next weeks.
Also, we will shortly publish some informations regarding the “legal” matter with DMCA in US/CA since we are getting a lot of questions regarding resellers and distributors who dropped HDfury due to “legal” threat in US/CA or even in Europeans countries.
We are willing to expose our view on the subject and explain why we had to take a new direction and significantly upgrade our hardware line up in order to be back and able to stay “legally” on the shelves again.

legal” & “legally” above do not make much sense because till now no court case ever happened on the subject.