While the first pre-order are actually fullfilled and shipping, our Team added another Groundbreaking feature to the HDfury4 inherent versatility just prior to shipping.

We are proud to announce that all HDfury4 devices now support the new SimulView technology from Sony.

If you are not aware of SimulView, you can get an overview here:


Previously, we shortly introduced you with the Stream Control and Frame Rate Control features of HDfury4, here. HDfury4 devices as well as our Emitter and Glasses now also support SimulView technology. Said otherwise, using one PS3, one Game and HDfury4, each player can see his own 2D picture through his glass. This is the basic and common use of SimulView, however, HDfury4’s versatility is pushing this beyond expectations, as an example, a Dual setup using two HDfury4 devices with StreamControl feature and SimulView technology is able to display 2 differents pictures for each players on two differents displays without even the need of Emitter and Glasses 😉

Now you can start to figure out how HDfury4 versatility is capable of enabling features and operations that was unthinkable till now.

Welcome in HDfury4 versatility universe, a world of possibilities and capabilities beyond anyone expectations! The world’s most advanced video processor ever is now shipping!

PS: SimulView EDID will be available as a download for Dr.HDMI in the next hours.