Dear HDfury fanbase,

In the next weeks we will release our first PC hardware gear dedicated to furious streamers.
This new design will feature a total of 8 HDMI I/O (4 inputs / 4 outputs).

The board itself can connect and take power from any PCI port of any CPU motherboard.
Once installed in a computer chassis, the board will allow a full control of the matrix.
Streamers can now apply furious feature on the fly and remap the 4K capable input/output at will.

As a concrete example, one could decide to split input 1 to output 1 and 2 or more.
Or connect 4 inputs straight to 4 outputs. Everything’s possible to match any needs.

It is the ultimate streaming hardware companion for computer nerds and it’s coming soon from your devoted Team HDFury.
The above picture currently only show the main board part, a secondary part is underway and will be disclosed soon.

More details will be unveiled in the next days so stay tuned 😉